Create an outbound call
(Edify App Mobile)

Edify App > Mobile > Create an outbound call (Edify App Mobile)

This article explains how to create an outbound call from Edify App Mobile.

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Edify users can use the mobile app to connect with both internal and external users to manage chats and create outbound phone calls. When using the mobile softphone, the outbound call routes through your work number, so the called party sees your work caller ID.

Note: To accept inbound calls through your mobile device, update your inbound call routes through your call settings.


1. From the Edify mobile App, tap the softphone icon.

2. Dial the phone number to call.

3. Tap the green phone icon to create the call.

4. Notice Edify converts the call to make it appear as an inbound call from your DID.

5. Tap the accept call button.

6. Wait for the call to connect between your mobile device and you called party.

7. Once connected, proceed with your conversation.