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This article explains how to record a personal voicemail greeting for creating a voicemail greeting that the system plays when a caller leaves you a voicemail in Edify App.

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Your voicemail greeting is what a caller hears when they reach your voicemail. There are two types of voicemail greetings that you can set up: text-to-speech or play.

  • Text-to-speech: This option has Hammond use his text-to-speech capabilities to speak your voicemail greeting to the caller.

  • Play: This option is where you record a personal voicemail greeting and Hammond plays the recording for the caller as your voicemail greeting. You can make this recording yourself in Edify App or an admin can upload an audio file for you in Edify Console.

This article includes the steps for recording a personal voicemail greeting that you make yourself in Edify App.


NOTE: Before you can create a voicemail greeting recording, you need to ensure you’ve set up your voice authentication settings. Complete this before proceeding with any of these steps.

1. Log into Edify App at

2. Open the Settings menu (gear icon in the top-right corner of Edify App).

3. Click Edit Profile.

4. Accessing your voicemail greeting box:

  1. Open the Softphone workspace.

  2. Click into the Number field.

  3. Dial *97.

  4. Click the call button.

  5. Listen to the access code prompt.

  6. Enter your access code (pin number or MFA token). (This is based on your voice authentication settings.)

  7. Wait for Hammond to verify your code and say “Success”.

Incorrect code: If your code is incorrect, Hammond will prompt you to re-enter until you enter it correctly.

5. Creating your voicemail greeting recording:

  1. Listen to the prompt.

  2. Press 1 (to access your voicemail box menu).

  3. Listen to the prompt.

  4. Press 2 (to record a new greeting).

  5. Listen to the recording directions prompt.

  6. Hear the tone.

  7. Speak your greeting after the tone.

  8. Wait for the end recording prompt, which starts a few moments after you’ve stopped speaking.

6. Review your recorded voicemail greeting:

  1. Listen for Hammond to repeat back your greeting.

  2. Press 1 (to keep your recording).

  3. Press 2 (to re-record your greeting).

  4. Repeat as needed.

7. Saving the recorded greeting:

  1. Press 1 (to save your recording)

  2. Wait for the system to save your greeting

  3. Listen for prompt: “Success your greeting is now in use. Goodbye.”

  4. Notice the system automatically hangs up the call.