Enable or disable voicemail in Profile (Edify App)

Edify App > Profile and Call Settings > Enable or disable voicemail in Profile (Edify App)

This article explains how to enable or disable your voicemail in Edify App.


1. Log into Edify App at app.edify.cx.

2. Open the Settings menu.

3. Click Edit Profile.

4. Click the Profile tab.

5. Navigate to the Voicemail container.

6. Click the Voicemail Enabled toggle.

  • Enable (green): This turns on your voicemail box. This means that when your Ring Time is reached, the caller will hear your voicemail greeting and be able to leave you a voicemail message. When using this setting, reference the other voicemail settings to set up the other voicemail settings as needed.

  • Disable (red): This turns off your voicemail box. If voicemail is disabled and your extension is called, then the caller will continue to hear ringing until either you answer the phone call or the caller hangs up.

7. Notice the toggle changes color.

8. Click the Save button.