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This article gives an overview of Auto Answer in Edify App.


Auto Answer automatically accepts interactions for a queue user without giving them the option to accept or reject the interaction when the system delivers them the interaction.

Since Auto Answer automatically accepts interactions for queue users, it saves them time and effort because they don’t have to manually accept or reject each interaction delivered to them. It also further automates the interaction, allowing queue users to focus on the customer experience.

This feature is commonly used for very high volume queues to help decrease agent fatigue by eliminating unnecessary steps in their processes.

Note: If Auto Answer is enabled, queue users can’t reject interactions.

A queue user can set up their Auto Answer settings by navigating to Settings > Edit Profile > Call Settings and toggling the Auto Answer WebRTC Interactions on. See Configure your auto answer settings (Edify App).

Note: Queue users can configure this setting. This is not an Edify Console setting that an admin can control.

Visual breakdown

  • Auto Answer WebRTC Interactions: The Auto Answer WebRTC Interactions toggle is where you enable or disable the Auto Answer functionality.

      • Enabled: When enabled, interactions will automatically be accepted for the queue user.

      • Disabled: When disabled, interactions must be manually accepted or rejected by the queue user.

  • Auto Answer Alert Volume: The Auto Answer Alert Volume is where you adjust the volume of the alert tone that plays when an interaction is automatically accepted.

      • Note: You must click Save to lock in the changes made in the Auto Answer container.

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