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This article provides an overview of your profile settings in Edify App.

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To update your settings go to Settings > Edit ProfileProfile

Your profile settings are made up of three containers: 

Learn more about each individual container below.


You can edit the following information in the Basic container:

Change your Edify password by clicking the Reset Password button at the bottom of the Basic container.

Note: The details you set in the Basic section are generally visible to your coworkers under the Profile Details tab in chat or within the softphone directory.


You can configure your voicemail settings, including your voicemail greeting in the Voicemail container. See Overview: Voicemail settings for more information.

Email signature

You can configure your email signature in the Email Signature container in your profile settings. Your email signature is used while managing email interactions in a queue. These configurations are also available to your Edify admin in Edify Console. See Modify your email signature (Edify App) for more information.

Note: Since this information can be managed in different locations, the email signature saved most recently is the active email signature for an email interaction in a queue.

Note: Your email signatures will be shown when managing interactions through email in the queue.