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This article provides an overview of the queues logged into container in the Users workspace of Edify Console. This container allows you to manually log a user out of a queue.

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In Edify Console, the Queues Logged Into container, located within a user’s settings, is where Edify admins can view queues the user is actively logged into and when they last logged into the queue. From this container, an admin can choose to manually log a user out of one or more queues.

It’s important to note that both you and the user have access to this information. The queue user can view and log themselves into and out of queues through the Queue list within the Queue workspace in Edify App.

Once you log a user out of a queue, Edify no longer delivers the user new interactions for that queue, and the user no longer has access to seeing the real-time activity for the queue in the Home list like:

  • Which interactions are sitting in “Open” status

  • When a new interaction rings into the queue

  • And more

The user’s Home list will only display interaction activity for the queues the user is still logged into (if applicable).

Additionally, it’s important to note that logging the user out of a queue does not impact their current interactions (like those that are in a “Connected” or “Pending” status).

For example, if the queue user is currently in “Connected” status with a customer when they are logged out of a queue, the user remains connected with the interaction(s) and the user can manage these interactions until completion. In this case, Edify does not deliver any new interactions for this queue to the user. To start receiving interactions for this queue again, the user must log back into the queue.

In another example, if the queue user is in “Pending” status with an interaction, Edify continues to ring that user for their full ring time. If the agent doesn’t accept the pending interaction, Edify rings the next best agent and does not ring the logged out agent again for this or any additional interactions for this queue. If the agent accepts the pending interaction, they can manage it through to completion but Edify doesn’t deliver any additional interactions from this queue.

Ultimately, the user has the ability to complete any interactions that are currently in progress. But, Edify doesn’t have access to selecting the user for any future interactions until they log back into the queue.

Visual breakdown

  • Search: The Search bar allows you to search for a specific queue by name. As you type, the results live update based on each entered character.

  • Sort arrows: Clicking the sort next to Name and Login Time allows you to sort the list of queues. Click the sorting arrows on either column once to sort in ascending order, twice to sort in descending order, or three times to reset the order.

  • Name: The Name column displays the names of the queues that the user is actively logged into.

  • Login Time: The Login Time column displays the date and time for when the selected user logged into the corresponding queue.

  • Logout button: The Logout button allows you to log the selected user out of the queue. Once the user is logged out of the queue, they will no longer receive any new interactions. Interactions that are currently in progress aren’t affected.