Overview: User tag settings (Edify Console)

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This article describes how to configure user tags settings in Edify Console. This functionality is relevant for users that manage or monitor interactions in queue(s)

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In Edify, tags are tools you can use to instruct Edify on how to handle specific interaction information in a queue.

Tags can help determine how to prioritize interactions or how to connect a skilled queue user to a specific interaction. You can create tags in the tags workspace in the CX menu of Edify Console.

Once you create one or more tags, you can assign them to objects in Edify. You can assign tags to:

  • Interactions

  • Users

  • Knowledge base articles

  • And more

For example, when you assign a tag to a user, you’re indicating that the user should handle queue interactions marked with the same tag. When an interaction enters the queue and is tagged, Edify attempts to connect the tagged interaction with a queue user with the same tag.

Consider this example: Imagine that your support team manages customer tickets from several countries, and therefore manages a multi-language queue. You may want your Spanish-speaking customers to speak with Spanish-speaking queue users.

To accomplish this, you can create a tag called “Language - Spanish” and assign it to your Spanish-speaking queue users. Then, when an interaction is sent to the support queue with the same tag, Edify connects the interaction to the next available queue user with the assigned tag of “Language - Spanish.”

Visual breakdown

Note: Tags are not able to be modified for a user if the user was created with a template. Instead, the tags have to be modified in the template itself.

  • Search (A): The Search field gives you the ability to search for a specific tag from the available tags list to assign to the selected user.

  • Available tags list (B): The available tags list displays all of the tags currently configured to your Edify account. Once you select a tag from this list, it automatically moves from this list to the assigned tags list.

You can create as many tags on your Edify account as you need, as there is no limit to how many you can build. All tags on your account always populate in this list.

  • Assigned Tags List (C): The assigned tags list displays all of the tags that are actively assigned to the selected user. If you delete, or unassign, a tag from this list, it is removed from this list and added back to the available tags list. You can assign as many tags to a user as you want, there is no limit.