Overview: Scorecard queue settings (Edify Console)

Edify Console > Queues > Scorecard queue settings (Edify Console)

This article describes the scorecard settings available to configure for queues in Edify Console.

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The Scorecard container of a queue is where you connect a published scorecard to the queue. Since a queue can have only one scorecard configured to it, ensure it’s comprehensive and evaluates all the important skills and knowledge the agent needs to manage interactions in this queue effectively.

Personalized, ongoing coaching is an important learning method for supporting the development of your teams and agents. Agents perform better when they know how they are evaluated. Show agents your expectations through a scorecard, which is a detailed rubric. Create a scorecard in the builder workspace, publish the scorecard, and then connect the published scorecard to the desired queue. For queues that have a scorecard configured, users responsible for evaluating agent performance have access to the configured scorecard through an interaction’s contact card via reporting.

Note that not all queue users have access to completing a scorecard for agents. A user who is responsible for completing scorecards and coaching agents must have the correct User Permissions configured to their user.

Visual breakdown

  • Scorecard Menu (A): This menu is where you select the scorecard to connect to this queue. When you open this menu, it’ll populate all the published scorecards on your account.

  • Scorecard Version Menu (B): This menu is where you select the specific version of the scorecard that’s connected to the queue. So, this menu is dynamic. It populates all the published scorecard versions for the scorecard selected under the Scorecard menu. When you select “Current” here, this means that the queue is connected to the scorecard version that is marked as “current”. This means that you can change the scorecard version without needing to update this menu.