Overview: Workflows list workspace (Edify Console)

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This article explains the list workspace, which is one of the main workspaces of Workflows in Edify Console.

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Once you access Workflows, the first workspace that you see is the list view. This workspace is where you see all the workflows, or folders of workflows, currently built on your account. This list is a complete list of all workflows on the account. Once a workflow is created, you can’t delete it from the account.

Each workflow in the list can be in a different stage of development. Some can be published and actively in use, published but not yet in use, or newly created and still in process.

Either way, this is where you can search for and open workflows to view or continue working on. This is also where you can create a new workflow to start a blank workflow. Otherwise, you can decide to take a few minutes to organize your workflows into folders to make it easier to manage.

In short, the list view workspace is where you find, open, create, and organize your workflows to make working in this workspace more productive.

Visual breakdown

Below is the list workspace. Explore this visual breakdown to learn more about the important features available to you when you’re navigating through this workspace.

  • WORKFLOWS (A): The WORKFLOWS button is how you return to the list workspace.

  • List item (B): The list item menu is where you manage the list item. Right click on the list item to open the menu. This example shows the menu for folders. Individual workflows have menus, too. There are more menu options available for folders compared to individual workflow items. These are the menu options for folders: ‘Move’, ‘Rename’, and ‘Delete’. This is the menu option for a workflow: ‘Move’.

      • Move: The Move option is how you move a folder and/or workflow item into or out of folders.

      • Rename: The Rename option is where you change the name of the folder.

      • Delete: The Delete menu option is where you delete the folder. You can only delete an empty folder. If you attempt to delete a folder that is not empty, the system prompts you with an error to notify you that the folder is not empty, so in this case the system won’t allow you to delete the folder.

  • Search (C): The Search field is how you look for a specific workflow. The search does index items within folders.

  • New Folder (D): The New Folder button is how you create new folders. This is useful to better organize the items in your list.

  • Create Workflow (E): The Create Workflow button is how you create a new workflow. When you click this button, the system directs you to the create new workflow workspace. This is the workspace where you fill out a form to create a new workflow from scratch.