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This article provides an overview of the Analytics workspace in App.


The Analytics workspace is where you can build custom reports and charts based on the data you want to review, monitor, and evaluate. With this data, you can analyze various metrics gathered by the system about your organization’s account to track performance.

You can easily tell the difference between a single report and a folder of reports because folders include a folder icon to the left of the folder’s name whereas individual reports show only the name. 

Note: The Analytics workspace is for creating reports while the Dashboards workspace is for building different ways for viewing reports and/or charts.

Once you’ve created a new report, customize it. This is where you add/remove columns, group together data, and more to build the report that you need to see. After customizing the report you can use the data to build a Chart.

The Charts workspace allows you to create a visual representation of the collected data. Pick one or many pieces of data to convert to a visual representation like a bar chart, line graph, pie chart and more. 

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