Release 4.17.1

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Release date: May 23, 2024
Mac desktop app version: 1.7.0 | PC desktop app version: 1.7.0

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Edify App release



Warning banner for users accessing App through old domain
For web browser users accessing App through our previous domain, a new warning banner will now pop in the App’s header to cue the user to move to This means that once the user clicks on the warning banner, a modal will pop, requesting the user to log out of App, navigate to our new App domain (, and log back in.

This is the modal that pops once the user clicks the warning header for web browser users accessing App through our previous domain,

Therefore, this is a reminder that we moved to new domains with Release 4.17.0. This release included a new desktop version and mobile apps to download, too, which just focused on the move to our new domains. Read the Release 4.17.0 for more details and refer to the email communications you received for details.

Added a refresh button for reloading dynamic scripts.
You can now reload dynamic scripts by using the newly released reload button on the Script tab

This new feature enables queue users to reload a dynamic script while on an active or completed interaction, which could include displaying newly collected information or data that was gathered while handling the interaction.

The reload button is available for both interaction owners and viewers. However, know that the page only reloads for the user that clicks the reload button to see the updated data.

This is the new reload button to reload dynamic scripts for the user that clicks the button.


Queue interactions

Edify mobile apps now points to instead of
For web chat interactions, we are no longer automatically changing the Comm Type to SMS when the queue user adds a phone number. The queue user will now be presented with the option to change to SMS or continue chatting via web chat.

Here are more details about this improvement. Previously, if a phone number wasn’t entered into the Number field of the customer’s details and then a phone number was added, the system would automatically switch the web chat interaction to an SMS interaction, assuming the phone number was added because the conversation was moving to Voice/SMS. Now, the system won’t automatically change the interaction (Comm Type) to SMS from web chat during this action. Instead, once the phone number is added, a drop down menu will automatically pop open to give the queue user the option to switch to SMS if needed or to remain on a web chat.

Script tab: More logging for dynamic scripts

There is now more logging available when running dynamic scripts. The additional logging is great for troubleshooting and supporting our users.