Release 4.17.0

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Release date: May 17, 2024
Mac desktop app version: 1.7.0 | PC desktop app version: 1.7.0

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Edify App release



URLs/domains now pointing to instead of
We’ve updated the urls/domains for Edify to point to instead of This means that if you use the Chrome browser to access Edify, then the new URL to access the Edify app is and to access Edify Console the new URL is 

Customers have received communications about this update. So, refer to the email communication for more details about this update.

Mac and Windows desktop apps pointing to, updating version to 1.7.0
We’ve updated both desktop apps to point to instead of Download the latest version of these applications here. This moves the desktop application to version 1.7.0 instead of 1.6.0.