Overview: Workspaces of Edify Console

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This article provides a basic overview of the workspaces in Edify Console.


Edify Console is where you build, design, modify, and manage all parts of your organization's Edify account. This administrative portal is restricted to users that have the specific permissions for accessing it. We refer to these users as Edify admins. 

Permissions and abilities to perform certain tasks in Edify Console can vary from admin to admin based on their role in the organization.


The Home button displays the homepage of Edify Console. 

The Account menu is where you select which setting workspace to access.

The CX menu is where you select which customer experience workspace to access. 

The Numbers menu is where you select the number workspace for managing the various phone numbers, fax numbers, and/or fax devices on your account. This menu is also where you’ll access data service workspaces for looking up phone number information.

The Workflows workspace allows you to build and manage the workflows on your account. Once a Workflow is created and published, you can link it to a specific queue, phone number, web chat, and more.


The Objects workspace is where you review and manage standard objects on your account and create custom objects for your account, like adding a drop-down menu or checkbox field to a queue when you need to collect additional data from a customer.

The Queues menu is where you select which queue workspace to access.

The API workspace is where you find your API credentials as well as where you’ll review API logs and API Documentation.