Edify Console > Account

In Edify Console, the Account workspace is where you configure all of the settings related to your organization's Edify account.


Click any of the links below to read more about the workspaces of Accounts.


The Users workspace in Edify Console is sub-divided into several containers that allow you to configure users on your Edify account.


The Reasons workspace in Edify Console is where admin can create status messages for all users on their account.

Team Views

Team View workspace in Edify Console is where admins can create teams and add queue users to teams.


In Edify, a location is an organizational tool for grouping a subset of users on your account.

Ring Groups

You can create ring groups in Edify Console to group of users and / or phone numbers that all ring at the same time.


The Integrations workspace in Edify Console is where you can manage all of the CRM or database connections to your business’ account.