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This article provides an overview of the interaction script tab in Edify App.

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In Edify App, the script tab is a custom tab in the customer interaction workspace that provides you access to a script that changes based on responses collected from the customer.

Note: An admin must enable this tab to make it available in a Queue.

A script can include any combination of script text, images, videos, menus, text fields, or radio buttons and can also be as many or as few data points or questions as you wish. The image below displays a script including several of the options.

Visual breakdown

  • Script tab (A): The script tab displays the script for you to read or type back to the customer.

Note: Depending on how this tab is configured, you can either open and close it manually or it will open automatically.

  • Script text (B): The script text is the data or messaging to use while communicating with the customer. This space can include directions, media, a script, or any other information that you need to say or execute at this point of the interaction.

  • Radio buttons (C): Radio buttons allow you to click a button corresponding to the applicable result.

  • Text field (D): Text fields are configured by your Edify admin within Console to allow you to enter a required piece of information, like a word, phrase, sentence, or number.

  • Dropdown (E): Dropdowns are configured by your Edify admin within Console to allow you to select an option from a list of available options.

  • Continue button (F): Clicking the Continue button signals the system to process the collected data in order to continue to the next part of the dynamic agent script as the interaction progresses. Once the scripted experience has run to completion, this button no longer appears on the screen as there is not another path to route through.

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