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This article provides an overview of the interaction knowledge tab in Edify App.

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In Edify App, the knowledge tab is a standard tab available to queue users through the customer interaction workspace. This tab provides you access to searching, opening, and reviewing knowledge base articles published to your company’s Edify knowledge base. You can access these articles during a customer interaction. The icon for the knowledge tab is an open book.

Note: An admin must enable this tab to make it available in a Queue.

Knowledge base articles

The knowledge tab gives you access to all knowledge base articles published in your knowledge base.

After you accept an interaction in the queue, navigate to the knowledge tab and click on it. Then search for the knowledge base article you need.

Visual breakdown

  • Search field (A): The search field allows you to search by keyword, title, topic, or article tag to find the article you need. Click into the field, type a keyword(s), and then press Return/Enter on your keyboard to initiate the search.

  • Knowledge tab (B): The knowledge tab allows you to find, open, and review articles within your Edify knowledge base while engaged in a live customer interaction.

  • Knowledge base articles (C): The knowledge base articles area is where Edify displays the most relevant articles from your keyword search. Once you’ve initiated a search, Edify displays the most relevant articles first by comparing your keyword with article titles, tags, categories, or main body content. Each tile includes an article’s title, relevance score, and a scrolling bar for easily previewing the article without opening it.


Here are some tips for using the knowledge tab:

  • Copy & Paste Content to Messaging Interactions: If the interaction is an email, web chat, or SMS, you can copy/paste the relevant information from the article back to the customer.

  • Tile Previewing: If multiple articles are found after searching, you can skim each article by hovering over the tile and scrolling through the article.

  • Relevance Score: Edify calculates a percentage to evaluate the article’s relevancy score by comparing the search to the article’s title, topic, category, and main content.

The knowledge base articles are created and published by your Edify admin in Edify Console under the Content menu.

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