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This article provides an overview of the feed tab on interactions in Edify App.

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In Edify App, the feed tab in the customer interaction workspace is where you communicate with a customer via text message and / or web chat. It’s also where you can see the full event activity of the interaction.

The feed tab provides an overview of the interaction that you can scroll through to review. From the moment the interaction is created in the queue, the feed tab lists all events the interaction goes through, including assignment to a user, transfers, and wrap up. The feed is available for both active and completed interactions.

Note: Because the feed tab includes historical data regarding the interaction, it can’t be disabled.

Feed tab activity

The feed tab displays the following activity:

  • Conversations between the customer and a chatbot

  • Live messaging with customers

  • Logged activity for the interaction, (timestamp on voicemail, callback requests etc.)

  • Any action that the interaction has undergone including:

      • Transfer events (attended or blind)

      • Accept/reject events, like when a user accepts the incoming interaction or when a user ignores or rejects an incoming interaction.

      • Status change events, like when the customer terminates the phone call to end the session.

      • Workflows events, like when a user runs an embedded workflow.

      • Email timestamps, like when an inbound email is received, and more.

Visual breakdown

  • Translation (A): The translation menu allows you to select one or more alternate languages to translate the messages posted in the feed tab to. To be able to translate messages, the queue hosting the interaction must have a translation workflow configured to process these messages. Otherwise, you can select another language but new and posted messages aren’t able to be translated.

Note: A translation workflow must be configured to enable message translation.

  • Messaging (B): The messaging field is where you type the message to send. Press Enter/Return to send the message.

  • Attach file (C): The attach file button lets you select a file from your computer and attach it as a message.

  • GIF (D): GIF lets you select a GIF to send as a message.

  • Emoji (E): The emoji button lets you select an emoji to be posted to the feed tab.

  • Fax (F): Clicking the fax button opens an outbound faxing form. This form allows you to compose an outbound fax message. See Overview: Interaction Fax tab (Edify App).

  • Private message (G): The private message button gives you the ability to toggle between private messages and public messages. A private message is a message that can only be seen by the queue user(s) and admin who have access to interactions and reporting. Public messages are messages sent to the customer. Click this button prior to sending a message to initiate private messaging. When private messaging is active, the messaging field is highlighted in yellow. To deactivate private messaging, click the button again. See Overview: Private messages in an interaction (Edify App).

  • Message type (H): The message type menu gives you the ability to select which messaging channel to communicate through. The message channel options are web chat (indicated by a message bubbles icon) or SMS (indicated by a phone icon). If the interaction started as a webchat, the SMS channel option populates only if the customer contact information contains a phone number. If the interaction started as SMS, the webchat icon is not available.

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