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This article provides an overview of the interaction coaching tab in App.


In the App, click the coaching tab while viewing a completed interaction to access the coaching workspace.

The coaching workspace is where you can:

Continue reading this article for breakdowns of each of the sections of the coaching workspace on a completed interaction.

Visual breakdown

A - Call recording

B - Tabs

C - Coaching panel

Call recording

The call recording area allows you to listen to, download, or mute/unmute a recorded conversation.=

Note: If a recording isn’t available this area will display a “No Call Recording Available” message.

Metrics tab

You can view performance metrics and satisfaction scores for interactions in the Metrics tab. This data is grouped into the following categories:

Feed tab

The Feed tab allows you to view the communication between the queue user and the customer, and events that occurred throughout the interaction.

These events include things like when the interaction was answered, muted, hung up, and more. Learn more here.

Scorecard tab

The Scorecard tab is where you can create new scorecards and review previously completed scorecards, for the currently selected interaction. You can create new scorecards if you have coaching permissions enabled for your user.

Coaching panel

The coaching panel is where you can toggle “coaching mode” on and off. Coaching mode allows you to make comments on the audio recording, transcript, and messages sent during the interaction. You can also review and resolve comments (positive, neutral, negative, and mixed) posted to the interaction. See Coach an audio recording (App).

Note: Coaching permissions must be enabled by your admin to leave coaching comments on the interaction.