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This article provides an overview of the interaction fax tab in Edify App.

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In Edify App, you can manage outbound fax communication from the feed tab of an interaction in queue. The fax button is located in-line with the messaging buttons at the bottom of the open feed tab.

Before a queue has access to managing fax, your Edify admin must first provision a fax number(s) to your Edify account and then enable the Fax tab in the queue’s settings.

Once an outbound fax has been initiated from within an interaction, you can review the outbound fax data including the sending user, time, and the document is posted as a private message within the feed tab of the interaction.

Note: An admin must provision fax numbers to your account and enable the Fax tab in the Queue’s settings.

To receive a fax message in return, your Edify admin must enable the appropriate permissions for you to have access to the UC Fax workspace. When an inbound fax message is completed, you can easily see a missed fax notification in the softphone workspace. More specifically, when you open the softphone workspace, the UC Fax tab has a red, missed message notification badge to alert you when a new fax has been received and needs attention.

Visual breakdown

  • To (A): Enter the recipient’s fax number in the To field.

  • From (B): Use this menu to select one of the fax numbers that's provisioned to your Edify account for you to send the fax message from.

Note: Administrators can define a specific fax number for a specific queue. Ensure that a fax will reach the correct queue if a customer faxes something back to the number.

  • Subject (C): The Subject field is where you can type a brief summary of intent for the outbound fax message.

  • Comments (D): The Comments field is where you can type a more detailed message to accompany the attachment to fax to the recipient.

  • Choose File (E): Select Choose File to choose a .tiff or .pdf file from your computer to fax.

  • Send Fax (F): Send Fax initiates the outbound fax message. You cannot cancel the fax once the Send Fax button has been clicked. Once the fax has completed, the system populates a completion message in green below the button. You can also reference the feed tab for confirmation of outbound fax completion as the outbound fax file is saved as a private message.

Note: If one or more of the fields is incomplete, an error message populates to inform you that an internal error has occurred.

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