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This article provides an overview of the interaction email tab in Edify App.

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The email tab is a standard tab available to queue users within a live interaction. It appears in the tabs menu as an envelope icon.

Note: This tab is only enabled if you’re managing email communications through the queue. 

For inbound emails, navigate to this tab to review and respond to customer inquiries. For outbound email interactions, navigate to this tab to craft and send emails to customers directly from the queue.

Email templates

Your Edify admin can have email templates configured to your account to help you engage with customer(s) more efficiently. 
After your Edify admin creates an email template under the CX menu of Edify Console, the template(s) are available to you under the email templates menu in the email interaction (see image below). These are especially useful if you have common reasons for sending emails, like: 
  • Confirmation of problem resolution; 
  • Resending lost information like tracking numbers; 
  • Invoicing; and more. 

To use an email template when engaging with a customer, open the email templates menu and select the appropriate template from the list. The message content automatically populates in the body of the email where you can then make any necessary changes before sending it. 
Note: Ensure your email signature has been configured with the appropriate contact information in the event that the email recipient needs to get in touch with you again.

Visual breakdown

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