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This article contains column documentation for the Interaction Tags table in the Analytics workspace in App

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The Interaction Tags table contains information about the tags on an interaction, including the name of the tag and whether the tag requires a queue user with the same tag to handle the interaction.

Data sources using this table

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Column descriptions

This section alphabetically lists and describes each of the columns in the Interaction Tags table.

Is Required?

Specifies whether the tag is marked as “required” on the interaction.

When a tag is “required” on an interaction, it means that the interaction must be handled by a queue user with the same tag. 

For example, if an interaction is marked with a required tag for Spanish language skills, it would need to be handled by a queue user with the same Spanish language skills tag.

If no queue user has the required tag, the interaction will wait in the queue until a user with the required tag becomes available.

Values you will see here include:


Contains the name of the tag assigned to the interaction.