Add a container to a dashboard (Edify App)

Edify App > Dashboards > Add a container to a dashboard (Edify App)

This article explains how to add a container to a dashboard in Edify App.


1. Log into Edify App at

2. Access the editor workspace for the dashboard that needs the new container. You'll know you're in the editor workspace because it will say "Editor" in the breadcrumbs at the top of the dashboard.

3. Click the New Container (+ icon) button in the top-right corner of the editor workspace. Clicking this button adds a new contain to the workspace.

4. Once you've clicked the New Container button, you'll be prompted to choose where the new container should be place:

Select the container placement. You can always move the container to a different location later.

5. Once you've chosen a location for your new container, the system displays the New Container form.

6. Complete the form.

7. Click the Place Chart button to save your selections and to tell the system to add the container to the dashboard. From here, you can move, resize, or edit the container.