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This article provides an overview of the editor workspace for dashboards in Edify App.

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Dashboards help you see the performance of your team in a single, scrolling page. The Dashboard editor workspace is where you customize your dashboards by adding the reports and charts you want to see into a single view.

Dashboard containers

Reports and charts added to a dashboard are referred to as containers. Containers are highly customizable and can be rearranged, resized, and the contents can be configured to display the data how you want.

Dashboard Settings panel

There are several settings you can configure to manage the set up and access of your dashboards.

For added security when sharing and viewing dashboards between teams and guests, you can define who has the ability to view specific dashboards to have more control over your dashboard views. This means that you can either create a specific viewing group to define which dashboards specific teams can see when working in the Dashboard workspace. This is done with creating IP Groups and assigning the group to the dashboard. 

Or, if you want to be able to share a dashboard with anyone - a guest or a specific user on your Edify account - you can create access keys for the dashboard, which are sharing URLs. You can even set an expiration timeframe for the share link, if needed. These types of security configurations are set up within the dashboard’s Settings panel. 

You can also use the dashboard’s settings panel to change the layout of the dashboard. These layout features are managed with the Collision and Vertical Compacting features.

Read more about all of the available dashboard settings in the Overview: Dashboard Menu article.

Visual breakdown

Use the labeled graphic and descriptions below to get a better understanding of each of these workspaces in the Dashboard editor.