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This article provides an overview of the mobile workspaces in App Mobile.

Visual breakdown

A. Chat: Tap the chat icon to open the internal collaboration workspace for chatting with colleagues. This is also where you create channels and direct messages, as well as manage text messages sent to your inbound number.

B. Softphone: Tap the softphone icon to open the softphone workspace. From here, you can create outbound calls from your Avaya.cx account through your mobile device. Your caller ID reflects the outbound call type. For example, if you’re calling from your Avaya.cx account DID, then your DID populates as the caller ID.

C. Call History: Tap the call history icon to open the call history workspace. From here, you can review past inbound and outbound calls. You also have the ability to view the time and date of the call as well as the caller identification details.

D. Voicemail: Tap the voicemail icon to open the voicemail box. From here, you can review and manage voice messages, listen to recordings, read recording transcripts, and/or delete voice messages. 

E. Account Settings: Tap the account settings icon to open the account settings workspace. From here, you can update your profile details, change your user status, enable/disable your do not disturb settings, update display mode (light or dark), or sign out.

F. Profile Settings: Tap the profile settings icon to open the profile settings panel. From here, you can update your profile photo, name, title, email address, phone number, extension, and call routing preferences.