Create a custom view for Home list in Queue (Edify App)

Edify App > Queue > Create a custom view in the Queue Home list (Edify App)

This article explains how to create a custom view for Home list in Queue in Edify App.

To better understand all the fields of the Create New View form in Queue, read the Overview: Home list custom views article.

Create a view of completed interactions

Create a view of active interactions.


1. Log into the Edify App at

2. Open the Queue workspace.

3. Open the Queue menu.

4. Select Home.

5. Open the custom view menu.

6. Select Create New View +. The New View Create form will open.

7. Click into the Name field.

8. Define the basic settings for the view:

a. Enter a title for the custom view. 

b. Open the Access menu.

c. Select the correct access level, either Private or Public.

d. Open the Interaction View Type menu.

e. Select Live or Completed.

f. Open the Queue Selection Method menu. 

g. Select the appropriate queues to search; either Defined, Access, or logged In.

h. Open Sort by Age.

i. Select Ascending or Descending.

9. Define the settings for what the view shows when enabled:

a. Open the Queues Hide/Show menu. 

b. Click the queues to include in the view results. When the checkbox is green, the filter is enabled. 

10. Determine the columns that you want to populate data when using this view:

a. Open the Columns Hide/Show menu.

b. Click the columns to include in the view results. When the checkbox is green, the column is enabled. 

11. Determine which status of the live interaction are included in this view:

a. Open the Select a Filter menu.

b. Select the data category you want to filter by.

c.  Click into the Search field.

d. Enter the corresponding data to filter by.

e. Optional: click the +Add button to add another filter line. 

12. Click Save.