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This article explains how to join the call that’s happening during an interaction that you’re viewing in App. This feature is commonly referred to as barging into an interaction.


1. Log into App at

2. Navigate to the Queue Home list.

3. Select the voice interaction you’d like to view and listen to. You can choose to either publicly view, privately view, or Claim the interaction.

Note: You may only have one view type available, based on your user settings.

Publicly view the interaction

Privately view the interaction

4. Once you’re viewing the voice interaction, notice the interaction’s viewer controls are available in the top-left corner of the screen.

5. Press the join call button to enter the audio channel for the interaction.

6. Once you join the call, you’ll be able to listen to the phone call. Notice the system defaults to your audio line being muted. So, upon joining the call, you’re automatically on mute.

7. To speak on the call, click the mute button so that you can become unmuted. When you unmute, everyone on the phone call will hear you - both viewers and the customer. Otherwise, send a private message in the feed if you prefer to only communicate internally and not with the customer.



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