Listen to a call while viewing an interaction (Edify App)

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This article explains how to listen to a call while viewing an interaction in Edify App.

Note: You must have home list viewing permissions to listen to a call while viewing an interaction.


1. Log into Edify App at

2. Navigate to Queue Home.

3. Navigate to the interaction you want to view.

4. Applying your viewing method:

a. Open the Action menu.

b. Select the action you want to use for viewing the interaction. Based on your user settings, you can choose to either publicly view or privately view it. Or, you might only have access to applying one view type.

Publicly view the interaction

Privately view the interaction

c. Click the action to view the interaction.

d. Notice the interaction opens the interaction for you as a new tab.

5. Once you’re viewing the interaction, notice the interaction controls are located above the call controls on the left side of the screen.

6. Press the join call button to enter the audio channel for the interaction.

7. After you click the join call button, you'll either start to receive a call on your softphone or automatically join the call (depending on your settings).

8. Accept the call on your softphone (if applicable). 

9. Once you’re listening to the interaction, you’ll have additional viewer controls available to you to become more involved in the phone call if needed.

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