Overview: Embedded workflows (Edify App)

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This article provides an overview of embedded workflows in interactions in Edify App.

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The Run Workflow menu within the interaction workspace is where you have access to initiate an embedded workflow during an interaction, either live or completed. Embedded workflows are custom and must be configured to their respective queues by your Edify admin. There isn’t a limit to the number of workflows that your Edify admin can configure to this menu

Note: You may not have access to view or use this feature since it is an optional configuration.

Embedded workflows can complete different actions. For example, one workflow can send a post-call survey or send an email with troubleshooting steps. Another workflow can activate the scripting tab to pull up a script for you to read and use while interacting with the customer. These are a couple examples of workflows that your Edify admin can make available to you. 

When at least one embedded workflow is configured to the menu, you can initiate the workflow during any point of interaction. This means that you can initiate the workflow while you’re newly connected and begin talking with the customer (Connected status) or when you put the customer on hold (Hold status). You can also activate a workflow when you’re completing post-call work (Wrap Up status). Knowing when to initiate the workflow depends on the purpose of the workflow. So, become familiar with each of your workflows before running them.

Visual breakdown

Run Workflow (A): The Run Workflow menu allows you to select which embedded workflow you want to run while managing the interaction.

Note: Menu options are enabled and configured by your Edify admin.

Run (B): The run button initiates the workflow selected from the Run Workflow menu. Click this button when you are ready to run the workflow.