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This article explains the concept of privately viewing an interaction in Queue in Edify App.

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Private view

Private view allows a queue user to open an interaction to monitor it without other queue users in the interaction knowing it.

The private view is useful when you need to “spot check” the interaction, but aren’t planning to coach or engage in the interaction. However, private viewers have access to the interaction viewer controls, so they can take an active role in coaching or monitoring the interaction if needed.

Note: You can privately view active or completed interactions.

Private viewing interactions from Home list

The Action column in the Queue Home list allows you to choose your viewing perspective. The private view symbol is a slashed eye icon.

Note: Not every user has access to private view.

Private viewing perspectives

  • Private viewer’s Perspective: The private viewer’s perspective displays the profile picture and name of the person they are viewing and all other public viewers in the interaction. They’ll also have access to the viewer controls to start getting more involved in the interaction if needed.

  • Assigned Queue User’s Perspective: The assigned queue user doesn’t know they are being monitored by the private viewer because both the reviewer’s profile picture and name don’t appear above the call controls in the interaction. There isn’t an alert or indication that the private viewer started viewing the interaction.

  • Other viewer’s Perspective: Other viewer’s perspectives see what the viewer sees (the profile picture and name of the queue user they’re monitoring) and all the other public viewers. They won’t see the private viewer in the list of viewers in the interaction.

Private viewer's perspective

Assigned queue user's perspective

Other user's perspective

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