Take ownership of an interaction (App)

App > Queue > Interactions > Take ownership of an interaction (App)

This article explains how to take ownership of an interaction App. 


1. Log into App at app.avaya.cx.

2. Navigate to the Queue Home list.

3. Find the interaction you'd like to take over.

4. Navigate to the Action menu and open it to select the view type that to first view the interaction before claiming it. 

You can choose to either publicly view the interaction or privately view the interaction. 

Note: Not every user has access to these options.

Publicly view the interaction

Privately view the interaction

Note: If you want to immediately claim an interaction that’s not already claimed, click the Crown icon instead. If the interaction is already claimed, clicking the Crown icon will let you view the interaction.

5. Once you're viewing the interaction, you'll see one of the following depending on the type of interaction it is:

Viewing a phone interaction

Viewing a messaging interaction

6. To take ownership of an interaction, you need to click the crown button.

7. After joining the call, you’ll then have the ability to click the crown button.

8. After you click the crown button, you will be made the owner of the interaction, and the previous owner will be switched to a public viewer.