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This article provides an overview of the communication type column in Home list, which is an area of Home in Queue in Edify App.

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The communication type column displays an icon and caption for the interaction’s current communication type.

The icon represents the interaction’s communication type and the caption represents the specific subcommunication type for that communication type. The icon shows the current communication type since it can change throughout the duration of the interaction.

Voice interactions have a “phone” icon above the words “inbound” or “outbound”.

Communication type status

  • Email (A): This is an interaction that has the queue user and customer engaging through email communication.

  • Task (B): This is an interaction that is a task. This means the queue user and customer are not engaging each other. Instead, the queue user is completing a task, like training, etc.

  • Phone (C): This is an interaction through a phone call.

  • Messaging (D): (SMS/web chat) This is an interaction where the queue user and customer engage in messaging like texting (SMS/MMS) or web chatting.

Subcommunication type status

Subcommunication type status is displayed under the communication type status icon. It gives specific information relating to the communication type.

Communication Type: Phone

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • Voicemail

  • Callback

Communication Type: Messaging

  • Text

  • Chat (i.e. web chat)

  • Social

  • Fax

Communication Type: Email

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

Communication Type: Task

  • Learning

  • Coaching

  • Other