Overview: Outbound interactions in Queue
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This article provides an overview of outbound interactions that are created from a queue in Edify App.

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The create outbound interactions workspace is where you create interactions from any of your assigned queues to either contact a customer or assign yourself a task. Depending on your user permissions settings and user configurations for outbound queues, your user can have access to creating outbound interactions for one or several communication types.

These are the outbound communication types that you can create from a queue: phone calls, text messages, emails, and tasks. To access the create outbound interactions workspace, navigate to the Home list by opening the Queue menu and select ‘Home’.

Visual breakdown

A. Outbound queue menu: The outbound queue menu is where you select which queue hosts the interaction. This menu includes all of the queues that you’re logged into, organized alphabetically. The menu defaults to the queue at the top of the list. Otherwise, your administrator can configure a specific queue as your default outbound queue under your queue settings in Edify Console.

B. Create Interaction field: The Create Interaction field is where you enter the contact information that is used when creating the interaction. For example, this is where you enter the customer’s phone number for a voice interaction or the email address for an email interaction. So, complete this field based on the type of interaction that you’re creating.

C. Create interaction button: This button creates the outbound interaction within the queue selected from the outbound queue menu, and with the information entered into the Create Interaction field.

D. Interaction type menu: The interaction type menu is where you define the type of interaction that’s created when you click the create interaction button. This menu includes these communication types: ‘phone’, ‘text message’, ‘email’, and ‘task’. Once you select a communication type, the icon on the create interaction button changes to reflect your selection.

a. Phone: The phone option creates an outbound voice interaction, so you can call someone from a queue.

b. Text Message: The text message option creates an outbound SMS interaction for sending text messages from a queue.

c. Email: The email option creates an outbound email interaction for emailing someone from a queue.

d. Task: The task option creates a task interaction for assigning yourself a task to complete from a queue. Here are some use cases for creating a task interaction. A task interaction can be a personal reminder to complete a specific task prior to logging out of the queue. For example, you can create a task to remind you to complete a piece of training by the end of the day, or to send an email prior to logging out for the day. An open task interaction does not prevent you from accepting or managing other interactions throughout the day.