Search for a specific completed interaction in Queue (Edify App)

Edify App > Queue > Search for a specific completed interaction in Queue (Edify App)

This article explains how to search for a specific completed interaction in Queue in Edify App.

This process consists of two parts:

  1. Create a home list view that shows you all of the completed interactions in a queue

  2. Filter through the home list view to find your interaction.

Continue reading this article to learn more about this process.

In this article

Part 1: Create a completed interaction home list view to see all completed interactions

1. Log into Edify App at

2. Navigate to Queue Home.

3. Once in Queue Home, click the View dropdown menu.

4. Click Create New View.

4. Fill out the following pieces of information in the New View modal to specifically create home list view that displays completed interactions:

  • Name: A name for the view

  • Access: Whether you want the view to be public (usable by anyone) or private (usable only by you).

  • Interaction View Type: Completed (Required)

  • Queue Selection Method: Choose one of the following:

      • Access (if you want to view interactions in all of the queues you have access to)

      • Logged into (if you want to view interactions in the queues you’re currently logged into)

6. Click the Save button to create the new home list view.

Part 2: Search / filter the completed interactions list

Once you’ve created a view (see above), you can use the search tools to find a specific completed interaction.

1. Make sure you’ve selected a view that shows completed interactions. See the section above for more information on how to create a home list view.

2. At the top of Home, choose a search category to search by. In this example, we’re searching by the customer’s name.

3. Next, select whether you want to retrieve results that Contains part of the search query, Equals the search query exactly, or Starts with/Ends with the search query. In this example, we’ve selected Contains.

4. Enter a search query into the Search bar. Then, press Enter/Return on your keyboard to initiate the search. In this example, we are searching for an interaction that contains a customer name of “Dennis.”

5. The results will display below the search bar. The screenshot above shows all of the completed interactions with a name containing the word “Dennis.”

Note: There are several types of search criteria you can use to filter down results like customer phone number or interaction ID.