Answer a call ringing on an open softphone line (Edify App)

Edify App > Softphone > Answer a call ringing on an open softphone line (Edify App)

This article explains how to answer a phone call that’s ringing you on an open softphone line in Edify App.


1. While on an active phone call in the softphone, notice the additional call populates in the open line. The open line turns a flashing green to signal that the line is ringing. Additionally, a browser notification populates in the top right corner of your screen displaying the caller’s information.

2. To access the answer/hangup buttons, click the ringing line key button that’s flashing green.

3. Clicking the ringing line key button causes Edify to execute these actions:

a. Place the active phone call on hold and change the line key indicator from green to red.

b. Access the ringing line key’s caller data and answer/decline buttons. 

4. To answer the new call, click the answer call button.

5. Clicking the accept button creates the phone connection for you to speak to the caller, changes the line key button from flashing green to solid green, and presents the additional on-call action buttons along the bottom of the softphone workspace.

6. Manage the new call or resume the original call as necessary.