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This article provides an overview of softphone call history in App.

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In App, the call history tab under the softphone workspace is a call log that captures all of your phone call activity. This is where you can review your call history. The call records are listed in chronological order with the most recent call record listed at the top of the list.

The system creates records for all inbound and outbound phone calls, including your direct inbound dial (DID) calls, extension calls, and queue calls (if you are a queue user and your voice call settings are configured to route to your IP endpoints). This means that, if you have calls routing to a queue, your mobile device, a forwarding number, and/or your endpoints (like your softphone and/or desk phone), then that call activity appears in this list.

These call records remain in this list, so you can always find a previous call by searching your call history. When reviewing a call record, you can manage it in several different ways, like downloading the call recording (if applicable), reviewing the call details, calling back the caller, or marking the record as unread if you need to come back to it at a later date.

Note: Call history lists every Softphone call initiated or received. These records cannot be deleted.

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