Overview: Locations (Edify Console)

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This article provides an overview of locations in Edify Console


In Edify, a location is an organizational tool for grouping a subset of users on your account. A location corresponds to the physical location where the user(s) work. Locations tie emergency 911 calls to a physical address.

As an Edify admin, you have the ability to add and modify office locations for your company. This is done in the Locations section of your account settings in Edify Console.

Once a location has been created, you can’t modify its address or delete the location itself. However, you can enable or disable the location's E911 information or modify its networking information. And you can create an unlimited number of new locations.

Each location includes the following information:

Once you’ve created a location on your account, it’s available for user assignment. An admin can assign a location to a user through the user’s settings page in Edify Console. Alternatively, a user can select their own location through their profile settings page in Edify App.

Visual breakdown

Location Name

Use the Location Name field to appropriately label the office location you want to add to your account. The Location Name field can’t be modified after the location is created.

Address Line 1 & Address Line 2

Use the street address field(s) to provide the official street address for the location. Address Line 1 should include the street address and Address Line 2 should include the suite or unit number if applicable. Once the location has been created, you can no longer make modifications to the street address fields. 


Use the City field to provide the city where the office is located. Once the location has been created, you can no longer make modifications to this field.


Use the State/Territory field to provide the state or territory where the office can be found. Once the location has been created, you can no longer make modifications to this field. 


Use the Country field to designate the country in which the office is located. Once the location has been created, you can no longer make modifications to this field. 

Postal Code

Use the Postal Code field to identify the office location’s postal code. Once the location has been created, you can no longer make modifications to this field.

E911 Activated

The E911 Activated field displays the connection status of either enabled or disabled. Based on this configuration, you either see a green check mark when enabled or a red “X” when disabled in the Locations workspace. Once the location has been created, you can modify this status by changing it to or from enabled or disabled. When enabled, the emergency number connects to the location’s physical address. This allows for users with desk phones assigned to specific locations to utilize the E911 function to alert emergency responders to be dispatched to the agent’s location.

E911 Number

The E911 Number field displays the system appointed phone number for when you have the E911 status set to ‘enabled’. Edify automatically defines this number based on the street address you have entered for the location. This number provides geographic coordinates to emergency responders in the event where one of your employees dials ‘911’ from their softphone. If you set the E911 status to disabled, then this field displays as empty until the status is changed back to enabled. 


The Status menu allows you to define if you want your E911 number to provide emergency responders with geographic coordinates or not. The menu options here are either ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’. Set the menu to ‘Enabled’ to ensure that emergency responders can more easily locate your business. Set this menu to ‘Disabled’ if the address of the location in question is no longer affiliated with your business. This ensures that emergency responders aren’t dispatched to the wrong area.

IP Group

The IP Group menu allows you to link the location to a specific IP Group for the purpose of instructing Edify to make the appropriate E911 location recommendations.

Add Network Device

The Add Network Device button allows you to populate a line item including the Type, Make, Model, and Notes fields that correspond to a physical device associated with the selected location. You can’t delete a network device line item though you can delete or modify information in any/all of the fields. See Add a networking device to a location (Edify App).


The networking device Type field allows you to identify what type of networking equipment you have attached to the selected location which could vary depending on your organization. Some options are modems, routers, firewalls, etc.  


The networking device Make field allows you to identify the maker or brand of the connected device.


The networking device Model field allows you to identify the model number of the connected device.


The networking device Notes field allows you to enter any device specific notes that you have. This could be information like where the device is physically located in the office, who installed the device, etc.