Overview: Ring groups (Edify Console)

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This article provides an overview of ring groups in Edify Console.

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A ring group is a group of users and/or phone numbers that all ring at the same time. You can create ring groups in the ring groups workspace of the Edify Console.

A ring group can consist of a mixture of:

Ring groups are helpful when you need multiple users to monitor a phone number without needing them to manage the call through a wrap up process (like defining the results of a call).

You can also configure ring groups to handle timeouts, when someone calls a ring group and the call isn’t answered after a specific amount of time.

Visual breakdown

There are three places where you can make configurations to ring groups:

Ring Group Settings container

The Ring Group Settings container gives you the ability to define the name of the group, its extension, the caller ID details, and timeout information if a call rings for too long. 

Tip: To ensure the best customer experience, it is recommended that you configure both the Timeout Route To menu and Timeout Route Data menu in addition to setting the Timeout (Seconds) field.

External Numbers container

The External Numbers container gives you the ability to add and remove external phone numbers to the ring group.

Users container

The Users container gives you the ability to add and remove users from the ring group.