Overview: Team Views (Edify Console)

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This article provides an overview of Team Views in Edify Console.


The Team View workspace in Edify Console is where admins can create teams and add queue users to teams to be viewed in Team View in Edify App.

In Edify Console, navigate to Account > Team Views.

Team View in Edify App lets queue users see the real-time activity of their teammates. They can view the following details:

Once a team is created, Edify automatically creates a private chat channel in Edify App with each of the team members. Any new team members added will be automatically added to the private chat channel.

A queue user can be assigned to an unlimited number of teams. Admins can create an unlimited number of teams and add or remove queue users from teams.

Container breakdown

Team View Name

The Team View Name field lets you modify the name of the team view.

Search field

The Search field lets you search for specific users with access to Team View to add to your team.

Users in Team View

The Users in Team View list displays the name of all users you can add to a Team View. Once you add a user to your Team View, their name is removed from the list.

Assigned users list

The assigned users list at the bottom of the container displays all of the users who are in the selected Team View.

Remove user

Click the x next to a user’s name to remove them from the Team View.

Show in Team View

The Show in Team View toggle determines whether the specified user is visible to other users in the Team View workspace in Edify App.

Create a Team View

3. Click the New Team View icon (sheet of paper with a plus sign).

4. Add a name for the Team in the Name field then click Save.

5. Click the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the container.

6. Search for users to add to your team using the search bar or by scrolling through the list.

7. Click on a user to add them to your team.