Upload or delete audio files (Edify Console)

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This article explains how to upload or delete audio files in Edify Console.

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In Edify Console, the Audio Upload workspace under the CX menu is where admins can manage all of the audio files and recordings associated with their organization’s Edify account.

This article provides a brief overview of the different types of recordings, as well as steps on how to upload or delete audio files.

Review below the different recording types and how each recording type is used in Edify.

Visual breakdown

  • Recording Name Field (A): This field is where you enter a title for the recording.

  • Recording Type Menu (B): This menu allows you to select which type of recording you want to upload; the menu options are Announcement, Music, and Voicemail Greeting.

      • Announcement: This recording type applies to files that you want to use in your workflow process in lieu of having Hammond vocalize a text to speech prompt. For example, Announcement files populate when you configure Say, Say+Intent, and Attendant modules to use an Audio Prompt.

      • Music: This recording type applies to files that you might use during transitional periods within your workflow. For example, these files could be used as hold music when a phone interaction is being transferred or placed on hold.

      • Voicemail Greeting: This recording type applies to audio files that you intend to use for any voicemail that a caller might encounter. These recordings could be used for person or queue voicemail.

  • Choose File Button (C): When clicked, this button will prompt you to select an audio file from your computer files.


This section explains how to either upload or delete an audio file.

Tip: When you need to update a recording file, delete the old file and upload a new recording.

Tip: If you delete an active recording file, make sure to connect the new audio file where the previous file was being used.

1. Log into Edify Console at console.edify.cx.

2. Navigate to CX > Audio Upload.

3. Once you're on the Audio Upload menu, you can:

  • Click the New Upload button (top-right corner) to create an entirely new audio file record.

  • Click an existing audio file record to replace an existing audio file with a new file.

  • Click an existing record to delete an existing audio file.

4. If you perform any of the actions above, you’ll be presented with a screen like this:

5. To upload a file, fill in the details as necessary and click the Choose File button to attack a file from your computer.

6. To delete a file, click the delete button in the bottom-right corner of the container.