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This article explains the process of porting phone numbers to Edify.

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If you want to keep your existing phone numbers but move them over to Edify you will need to follow a  process known as porting. Porting happens when you keep your phone numbers but change service providers. When you port phone numbers from your previous carrier to Edify, you will first have to submit a port request.

Important: Do not disconnect the numbers or any services related to them before submitting a port request to Edify.

Edify requires the following pieces of information for every port request:

Continue reading the sections below for more information on each of these pieces of information.

Letter of Authorization (LOA)

The letter of authorization is a required document that allows Edify to act on your behalf when porting numbers away from your current carrier. 

Click either link below to view and download the appropriate file:

LOA for Local phone numbers

Click here to view and download Letter of Authorization for local phone numbers

LOA for toll-free phone numbers

Click here to view and download Letter of Authorization for toll-free phone numbers

The LOA explained. The LOA templates contain the account details that are required when submitting your request to the losing carrier. The required information varies if you’re porting local vs toll free numbers. Required on all LOAs:

Required on Local Number LOAs only:

a. If you are porting your BTN to Edify but leaving your account active, we will need to establish a new BTN for your account during the porting process.

a. A full port means that all telephone numbers are porting away from the existing carrier, there will be no numbers left on the account after the port is complete. This typically results in the termination of the account with the losing carrier.  

b. A partial port means that only some of the numbers are porting away from the existing carrier and some are staying behind. For a Partial Port you can either:

i. Leave the remaining numbers active with the current carrier, which is when you will need to establish a new BTN or confirm the existing one should remain. 


ii. Disconnect the remaining numbers. This typically results in the termination of the account with the carrier.  

Required on Toll Free LOAs only:

Edify cannot process a port request without a letter of authorization. The accuracy of the information provided in the letter of authorization (and throughout the porting process) influences the processing time for the port request. More accurate information correlates with shorter processing times.

Please note that:

Copy of the Bill or Invoice (COB)

We require a copy of your most recent bill or invoice for the telephone numbers you wish to port to Edify.

Customer Service Record (CSR) (Optional)

Customer service records are optional, but highly recommended especially if there are multiple service addresses on your account. The inclusion of a CSR can help to expedite the porting process – especially if there are multiple service locations, complex features, account set ups and/or more than 50 phone numbers. You can request a customer service record from your losing carrier. 

The customer’s service record is the information that the porting request is verified against during the porting process.

Note: The information on the customer service record may not be the same information that’s listed on the bill or invoice

If you prefer, Edify can request a customer service record from your losing carrier on your behalf. This will, however, delay processing times in most circumstances.


Typically you will go through the porting process when you are onboarding with Edify. Follow these steps to submit a request to port numbers to Edify. Be sure to work closely with your CSM. 

Be sure to include the numbers you wish to port*!
*If you are porting FAX numbers please include a separate list as they need to be processed separately*

See the Porting timelines section below for estimated porting timelines to determine the earliest possible porting timeframes. 

These numbers will only route internally. This will not disrupt your existing services and routing with your current carrier. 

Porting timelines

Ports are activated between 10 AM and 11 AM EST unless otherwise specified. Telephone numbers will be made messaging enabled at time of port. However, SMS Campaign Registration will most likely still be required if you wish to send messages on your ported numbers.

The table below provides estimates for porting requests.

Port type

Estimated porting interval*

Standard port

5+ business days

Complex or project port (>50 numbers)

3+ weeks

Toll-free port

3-7 business days

* Porting interval is the losing carriers response time frame window 

Porting holidays

Please keep in mind that no porting activity takes place on the following days (this list is updated yearly):


Observed date

New Year's Day (observed)

January 2, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 16, 2023

Presidents Day

February 20, 2023

Good Friday

April 7, 2023

Memorial Day

May 29, 2023


June 19, 2023

Independence Day

July 4, 2023

Labor Day

September 4, 2023

Columbus Day

October 9, 2023

Veterans Day (observed)

November 10, 2023

Thanksgiving Day

November 23, 2023

Day after Thanksgiving

November 24, 2023

Christmas Eve (observed)

December 22, 2023

Christmas Day

December 25, 2023

Common rejection reasons

These are some common reasons why a number port could be rejected.

Number disconnected / Number not active

The telephone number (or the account holding the telephone number) is considered disconnected or inactive.

To resolve this, re-activate service with your carrier to continue.

Pending order

A pending order can be anything from another port request, a feature added or disconnected, address change, etc. 

To resolve this, contact your carrier to get the order closed out or canceled in order to proceed.

Billing Telephone Number (BTN) / Account Telephone Number (ATN) mismatch

This can occur if the BTN provided on the order doesn’t match the BTN on the carrier’s records. Most often, this can be resolved by referencing a CSR.

To resolve this, contact your carrier to get the correct BTN. 

Partial port / Full port

The LNP team will also assist you in the correct way to resubmit if you receive this rejection. 

When this rejection occurs, it is because the wrong “Port Migration Indicator” was selected. Please review the Partial Port Indicator section in LOA Explained to learn more about what’s needed to resubmit.

Account freeze

The account has a hold or a freeze in place on the account. This typically happens when account changes, such as adding/removing phone numbers, features, services, etc. are made. These rejections typically resolve themselves in about 1-3 weeks. 

To resolve this, you can attempt to reach out to your carrier and have them clear the freeze/hold. 

Name mismatch / address mismatch

The business or residential name on the order doesn’t match the carrier’s records.

To resolve this, contact your carrier to pull the current name on the CSR (customer service record).

PIN Code

A PIN number is a unique code that is set up with the current carrier to prevent unauthorized port outs from an account.

To resolve this rejection, reach out to your current carrier and have them advise the PIN on your account. 

Other feature rejection

Depending on how the account was set up, there could be other features that need to be addressed.

Expedite a port

We do not currently support requests for expediting ports. 

Cancel a port

You can request that a port be canceled at any time up to 48 hours (two business days) prior to the established FOC (Firm Order Confirmation) date on the port. However, cancellation requests within this 48-­hour window are not guaranteed and your order could still be activated to Edify.

Unauthorized port

If you believe a telephone number has been ported without authorization, please reach out to lnp@edify.cx and provide an updated LOA. 

Porting out of Edify

We hate to see you go but we want to make this process as easy as possible. All you need to do is initiate a porting request with your new carrier! Feel free to pass along our contact information, lnp@edify.cx, to your new carrier.