Configure custom tabs for a queue (Edify Console)

Edify Console > Queues > Configure custom tabs for a queue (Edify Console)

This article explains how to configure the custom tabs container in queues in Edify Console.

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In Edify Console, the Custom Tabs container under the Queues workspace is where you can manage the additional resources that are available to the users who staff this queue during an interaction. This means that the website and/or applications added to this container allow iFraming into other applications. These are resources that queue users need for resolving inquiries in this queue.

Once a custom tab is added to this container, it’s displayed in the Tabs panel under the other standard tabs, like Knowledge, Feed, Email, and Customer Journey. Queue users can simply toggle between all of these applications as they engage with the customer.

You may or may not need to configure this container. It depends on the needs of the users in this queue. Here are some use cases for how you can configure the Custom Tabs container.

Ultimately, this container gives you access to link to a resource external to Edify that your queue users need for resolving interactions in this particular queue. When creating a tab, select an icon for your tab, label it, and enter the desired URL that Edify displays when a user toggles to the custom tab.

Visual breakdown


1. Log into Edify Console at

2. Navigate to Queues > Queues.

3. Select the queue you want to configure custom tabs for.

4. Navigate to the Custom Tabs container.

5. Click the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the container.

6. Configure your custom tab as necessary.

7. Click the Save button in the bottom-right corner of the container to save your changes or the x button in the top-right corner to cancel.