Configure queue voicemail settings (Edify Console)

Edify Console > Queues > Configure queue voicemail settings (Edify Console)

This article explains how to configure the Voicemail container of a queue’s settings in Edify Console.

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In Edify Console, configure a queue’s voicemail settings by opening the desired queue’s settings and navigate to the Voicemail container. Configuring this container is optional. This means that you only enable and configure this container if you expect customers to reach a queue’s voicemail box at some point, when queue users aren’t available for ringing (Exit No Agents container) and/or if the customer waits for a specific amount of time to be connected to a queue user (Max Wait container). So, once you define that you’re using a voicemail for the queue, customize the voicemail settings to meet the needs of that specific queue.

More specifically, if you enable queue voicemail, this is the container where you configure specific settings. These settings include:

  • Defining a minimum voicemail recording message length (in seconds).

  • Defining how the voicemail greets the caller (text-to-speech or playing an audio file).

  • Defining whether the voicemail is transcribed.

Visual breakdown

  • Voicemail (A): The Voicemail toggle is where you define whether the queue’s voicemail box is enabled or disabled.

      • Enabled - If this toggle is enabled, the voicemail box is available for callers to leave messages within the queue.

      • Disabled - If this toggle is set to disabled, all other settings within the Voicemail container are disregarded.

  • Minimum Recording Length (B): The Minimum Recording Length (Sec) field is where you define the minimum duration for voicemails left in this queue. Configure this setting in seconds. The default setting for this field is 3 seconds. This means that Edify will automatically save voicemails left in this queue that have a duration of at least 3 seconds. Otherwise, if you prefer to increase this minimum requirement, configure this field. Additionally, if a caller leaves a message that doesn’t meet the minimum recording duration, Edify automatically sets the interaction to Completed status and removes it from the queue.

  • Voicemail Transcribe (C): The Voicemail Transcribe toggle is where you determine whether the voicemails are or are not transcribed when being posted in the feed tab of the interaction. The transcription gives the queue user a quick overview of the message without having to play the audio file.

      • Enabled - When enabled, this gives queue users access to listening and/or reading the voicemail.

      • Disabled - When disabled, the queue users only have access to play the audio file and don’t have access to reading the transcription of the voicemail.

  • Prompt Type (D): The Prompt Type menu is where you select how the caller is greeted once reaching the voicemail box. There are two greeting prompt options in this menu: text-to-speech prompt or play an audio file.

      • Text-to-speech - This option uses Edify’s text-to-speech capabilities by having Hammond read the voicemail greeting to the caller. When using this option, update the Voicemail Greeting field to configure what Hammond speaks to the caller.

      • Audio File - This option plays an audio recording for the caller. Audio files must be uploaded to your Edify account before you can select one from this menu.

  • Voicemail Greeting (E): The Voicemail Greeting field is dynamic, which means it reflects the voicemail greeting type that’s selected from the Prompt Type menu. When ‘Text’ is selected from the Prompt Type menu, this field is a text field where you type out what Hammond speaks to the caller. When ‘Audio File’ is selected from the Prompt Type menu, this field displays the audio recording that Edify plays for the caller.


1. Log into Edify Console at

2. Navigate to Queues > Queues.

3. Select the queue you want to configure voicemail for.

4. Navigate to the Voicemail container.

5. Click the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the container.

6.Configure the voicemail container as necessary.

7. Click the Save button in the bottom-right corner of the container to save your changes or the x button in the top-right corner to cancel.