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This article explains how to create a queue in Console.

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What is a queue?

A queue is the virtual line where an interaction waits until a queue user is available to accept the interaction. Queues can be created to manage specific communication types like voice interactions, messaging interactions, and email interactions and can be created to manage specific topics, such as account setup.

The two most common types of queues are inbound queues and outbound queues.

Inbound queue

An inbound queue receives interactions from customers. They allow customers to connect with an organization, to give feedback and to get help.

Inbound queues are commonly used by billing, support, and customer service teams.

Outbound queue

An outbound queue initiates interactions by reaching out to customers or prospects. They allow an organization to efficiently make contact with customers and prospects in a consistent manner.

Outbound queues are commonly used by sales and recruitment teams.

Other uses for queues


1. Log into Console at

2. Navigate to Queues > Queues.

3. Click the New Queue button in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Notice a Create Queue form pops up on the screen.

5. Fill out the following fields:

6. Click Save.

After you’ve created the queue, the next step is to configure it. Refer to our library of documentation on the settings containers of a queue to learn more about how to configure a queue.

Visual breakdown

Fill out these fields to build a blank queue workspace for you to customize.


The Template dropdown menu is where you select a queue template to apply to this queue. This is an optional setting, so you don’t need to define a template when creating a new queue. You must build a queue template for it to be available in this menu. This menu includes all active queue templates built on your account.


The Name field is where you create a name for the queue. The name must have at least one character. There are no limits on the types of characters, but the name can’t exceed 50 characters. You can change the name of the queue any time after creating the queue.


The Extension field is where you set an extension number for the queue. This is an optional setting. Queues with extension numbers are displayed in the company directory. This means that the queue can be directly dialed by users or inbound callers and receive transfers.

Note: The extension must be a unique number that contains 3-6 digits.


The Save button creates the queue. After saving, you have access to all the additional containers for customizing the workspace. This button is grayed out until all required fields are complete.