Overview: Prejoin Announcement container in Queues (Edify Console)

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This article provides an overview of the Prejoin Announcement container in Queues in Edify Console.


In Edify Console, the Prejoin Announcement container is where you can configure settings for prejoin announcements.

A prejoin announcement – sometimes referred to as “whisper tones” – usually communicates important news or information to a queue user before connecting with a customer on an inbound voice interaction.

In Edify Console, navigate to Queues > [Queue] > Prejoin Announcement container.

Prejoin announcements are commonly used when you want to inform a queue user of something important or helpful before starting a conversation, like:

If the queue supports many languages, then you can create a prejoin announcement for each language. Edify will initiate the announcement in the language that matches the preferred language of the queue user (defined in Edify App in the Language menu in the user’s profile settings OR defined in Edify Console in the user configuration page).

See the section below for a breakdown of each of the fields in this container.

Container breakdown

prejoin announcement container


The Language dropdown menu is where you select the language that the announcement will be spoken in. 


The Voice dropdown menu is where you select the voice the text-to-speech vocalizer will use to recite the announcement. The specific voice options that are available depend on the language you’ve selected.


The Announcement text field is where you input the text that the text-to-speech vocalizer will recite to the queue user. The text should be written in the language set in the Language dropdown menu. For example, text should be written in the United States variation of English if “English (US)” is selected.

Use case

Suppose queue users in your organization handle phone calls in multiple high-volume queues. Since queue users are constantly switching between different queues, you want the queue user to be told what queue the call is coming from before they are connected. You decide to set up pre-join announcements for your queues like the one below.

prejoin announcement container