Overview: Status/Action Workflows container in Queues (Edify Console)

Edify Console > Queues > Status/Action Workflows for queues (Edify Console)

This article describes the status action workflow functionality for queues in Edify Console.

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In Edify Console, navigate to Queues > [Queue] > Status/Action Workflows container.

The Workflows container within the Queue workspace of Console is where you select workflows to run when an interaction reaches a specific status or when a specific action is taken.

  Note: You can only add one workflow for a specific Status or Action.

Status workflows

Status workflows are prompted when an interaction reaches any one of the following statuses:

Example: If you set the status to Wrap Up, the workflow will run when an interaction changes from Connected status to Wrap Up status.

Action workflows

Action workflows are prompted when one of the following actions is taken during an interaction.

Container breakdown


The Type column contains a dropdown to run workflows on an action or on a status.

Type Data

The Type Data column contains a dropdown of the specific status or action to run the workflow on.


The Workflow column is where you select the workflow that runs when the particular action or status change occurs.


The Version column is where you select the version of the workflow that runs when the particular action or status change occurs.

Use case

Suppose you send customers satisfaction surveys after every interaction with your Support team queue. You’ve already created a workflow that sends an SMS message to the customer with the link to the survey. Now all you have to do is connect the workflow to the queue. You could set it up like the screenshot below:

Other use cases