Edify App Mobile (iOS) version 3.2.8

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Release date: February 15, 2023

New features


Emoji reactions

You can now react to messages with emojis in the Edify mobile app.

If you’re the first person to react to a message, long press the message to bring up emoji quick reactions. Tap + to pick other reactions than the defaults provided.

You can tap an existing reaction to react in the same way as other users. Or, you can tap + to add a unique reaction.

Long press an existing emoji reaction to see who reacted with which reactions.

Saved messages

You can now save messages in Chat. Saving a message changes the background color and puts a border around the message to make it easier to find. Saved messages are listed in their own Saved Messages channel that you can open from the channel list by tapping the Saved Messages header in the channel list. You can also view a list of all saved messages within a channel by clicking the Channel Settings icon, then clicking Saved Messages.

Saved messages are private. They are only available to you, so other users can't view your saved messages.

Save a message

Long press a message then tap Save.

Unsave a message

Long press a message and tap Remove Saved.

View all saved messages

Tap Saved Messages to open the channel that contains all saved messages. You can tap one of the saved messages to go directly to that saved message in the chat feed.

View saved messages within a channel or direct message

Tap Channel Settings in the top right corner of the channel to open the settings menu. Tap Saved Messages to view all saved messages in the channel or direct message.



When using the iOS 'Share' feature, if Edify is chosen, we now display the user's Favorite Channels in the selection.