Release 4.10.7

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Version: 4.10.7 | Release date: January 31, 2023

Edify App

New features


We’ve added a new section in Reports settings that allows reports to be merged with other existing reports. Merging reports makes it possible to use existing reports to create a more detailed report without having to build one from scratch.

As long as you have two reports that share a common column, you can merge them together. The merged report will display all of the data common to  both reports in one big report.



We've improved Time Charts so they will now handle/show periods of empty data.

Edify Console

New features

SIP Trunks

There is a new page under ‘Accounts’ for SIP Trunk configuration. A SIP trunk uses Session Initiation Protocol to deliver telephone and UC services.


You can now forward numbers to your account’s SIP trunk connections.