Release 4.11.0

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Mac desktop app version: 1.4.0 | PC desktop app version: 1.4.0 | Release date: April 26, 2023

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New features

Chat - Text Formatting Buttons

Not a fan of Markdown? We’ve made it easier to format text in Chat without having to memorize Markdown syntax. You can now use text formatting buttons to bold, italicize, underline, and more. Click the A button to view the text formatting options above the message editing area.

The following formatting buttons are available:

Text formatting buttons display above the messaging text box.

Chat - Fit video to window

There’s a new viewing option for videos! Fit to window enlarges the video to the size of the Edify window without taking up the entire screen. Click the double arrow icon in the top-right corner of a video to open the Fit to window view.

Queue - Receptionist Tab

There's a new queue setting called Receptionist Tab. When enabled, the Receptionist Tab shows a list of all possible recipients of a transfer in the Large Tabs workspace. The Receptionist Tab makes it easier to find who you want to transfer an interaction to. 

The Receptionist Tab closes once a queue user selects a recipient for a transfer or backs out/cancels.

App view

Console view

To enable the Receptionist Tab on a queue, log into Edify Console. Then, navigate to Queues > [Queue] > Tabs container.

UC Phone - Change Caller ID

We’ve added a Change Caller ID button (paper and pencil icon) next to your phone number in Softphone. This lets you change your Caller ID to a different phone number that you’ve been given access to.

Analytics - Copy Link

We’ve added a new Copy Link option in the tri-dot menu for Reports and Charts so the URL to the report can be easily shared.

Analytics - Group By Column

We’ve added a new chart feature for Line/Bar charts allowing separate lines to be created for each distinct group within the values in the Group Column. This is enabled with a toggle titled “Group By Column”.


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