Release 4.11.1

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Mac desktop app version: 1.4.0 | PC desktop app version: 1.4.0 | Release date: June 1, 2023

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New features

Softphone - Custom Extensions

You can now search, select, and dial Custom Extensions in softphone. Just type the extension into the search bar.

Analytics - Live Transcription

We’ve added Live Transcription as a data source. It is called “Live Transcription History”. This data source shows a list of every instance of live transcription being used on your organization’s Edify account. You can use this data source to see when live transcription is being used and for how long.


App Settings - Resources button

We renamed the “Learning” button to “Resources” in the App settings flyout. The link takes the user to Catalyst Community (

UC Chat



New features

List Views - Open in New Tab

You can now right click on a folder or object in any list view context menu that has folders as and option and select Open In New Tab to open the folder or object in a new browser tab.

Numbers - Custom Extensions

We've added a Custom Extensions workspace to the Numbers page.

You can use the Custom Extensions tab to:

Numbers - Authorized Caller IDs

We've added an Authorized Caller IDs workspace to the numbers page.

The Authorized Caller IDs workspace lets you add numbers that aren’t in the Edify system as caller IDs throughout the platform. You must verify numbers before adding them as an Authorized Caller ID. After a number is added, a user must then manually verify the number on the number’s detail page and acknowledge the language in the modal that appears.