Release 4.9.1

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Version: 4.9.1 / | Release date: November 10, 2022

Edify App

What's new

The enhanced CTI view of Edify allows agents to handle interactions in small windows embedded in other applications like Salesforce.

CTI optimized for smaller windows and screens

The Queue in Edify App has been optimized to automatically adjust and resize for smaller screens. This makes it easier to use embedded views of Edify in tools like Salesforce. You can still pop Edify out of the toolbar for full access to workspaces outside of Queue.

See Overview: Edify CTI.


  • We’ve streamlined the logic behind report building to make building reports faster and more responsive.

  • We’ve added a loading animation while logging into and out of CX. While the user is logging into or out of CX, some actions that rely on CX status are disabled to improve user experience. See Figure A.

  • We’ve added labels to report filter fields to show what data source a field came from. This makes it easier for you to troubleshoot, manipulate, and understand a report that you maybe didn’t create yourself. For example, in the below screenshot, ‘user status’ is the name of the data source containing the Status field. See Figure B.

  • We’ve improved charts to show length of time in seconds as HH:MM:SS format. See Figure C

Figure A: Loading animation while logging into and out of CX

Figure B: Data source label on report filter field

Figure C: Seconds formatted into HH:MM:SS on a chart

  • In the Chat Workspace, we’ve improved the channel member dropdown list to display over the chat instead of pushing it down. This makes it easier to view and scroll through the channel member list.

  • In the Chat Workspace, we’ve improved the message editor to grow in height when typing long messages so that you can still see the most recent messages. This makes it easier to craft and manage longer messages before posting them to chat.

  • General UI and quality of life enhancements throughout the Analytics, Dashboards, Chat, and Queue workspaces.

      • Email Signature block - We enhanced the email signature block under profile settings to now default to a black background instead of a white background. This is a better experience for dark theme users.

      • Queue searching - It’s easier to search for the interactions you need in Home list now because initiating a search only happens after you click the magnifying glass button instead of being an active search, which is also the same search experience across App and Console.

      • Wide images posted in chat are clearer - We enhanced how images are posted to the chat feed to ensure wide images are clear and not blurry.